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Grönegau Rallye 2013, Good old GANT P6

Rover P6 : Carpulling DCPO Elspeet 2013 Sorcerer 2 (Berry Smink)

Incredible gas turbine Rover-BRM back at Le Mans

Gas Turbine Car Le Mans

Rover Gas Turbine Car

In The Rover Tradition Reel One (1950-1959)

B.& W. Section. Statue in Coventry to James Starley. Penny farthing bicycle pan to old "safety bicycle". Archive shots of women and men on bicycles. City street full of horse drawn carriages, early motor car in the horse drawn traffic. 1905 catalogue of Rover cars, priced at £200. Ladies in period dresses. Two seater racing cars pass camera. Stills of 8 h.p. one cylinder cars. Pamphlet title "THROUGH THE BALKANS On a Motor Car". More shots of two seater racing cars. Stills of 1907 Rover, winner of 1907 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.

1909 Rover driven on modern road. Rover's on hill climbs between 1910 and 1920. Stills of Rover Motor Bikes, and shots of Isle of Man 1913 race and the Caerphilly hill climb. 1920's fashion at race meeting and unnamed Rover car of the period also shot of the "Doctors Car". Model of Viking mascot used by Rover. The 1924 Rover driven down country lane. 1930,s miners march to London and busy traffic in front of Bank of England.

Rover publications of the period. 1950,s traffic and Rover sales yard selling 1930,s models.

W.W.II. Shots of Rover's Coventry factory on fire. Cromwell Tank on trial with Rover Meteor Engines, and Hercules and Lysander aircraft fly past. Int. Rover factory building jet aircraft engine. Camera films jet plane flying past [unnamed]. End of B.& W.

1950's Landrover drives out of factory, WS. Wimpy Landrover driving over building site, it stops and workers climb on back. "THE ROVER COMPANY Ltd" sign pan to 1950 Rover driving past. Int. factory engineers working on a gas turbine engine "Jet One". Development model drives out of factory. The T3 drives down country road.

Chauffeur driven Rover pulls up outside of smart London house. An elegant lady gets into another Rover and is driven away. Great shot of new 3 Lt. Rover in front of Elegant Georgian House with horse in driveway, from behind the car a man appears, bends down and polishes the car top. It is a model car being photographed for an advertisement. More shots as the car is repositioned for another shot. [End of reel One.]
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In The Rover Tradition Reel Two (1950-1959)

In The Rover Tradition Reel Three (1950-1959)

Int. workshop.
Carbonising camshafts, they are lowered into a vat like container and flames emerge. A women measures the pistons to one ten thousands of an inch, more dials. Engine assemble line. Six cylinder engines are balanced by engineers, and a workshop full of engines are run for six hours. Lots of white lab coated engineers.

Cars are lined up in the paint shop, and hosed down to proof the bodies. They are then stoved before the assemble shop. Nice shiny cars are seen on the assembly line as they are completed, bonnets up engineers twiddle with things and look busy other men seal the windows. In another room cow hides are prepared for upholstery. Hand polishes check the finished paint work. Two new 3 Lt. cars are driven out of the production line and onto the factory test track.

The tester drives the car over bumps, interior and exterior shots of all functions being tested, The breaks are tested and the car driven back to the works.

Montage of all the testing with CU faces of workmen and women.
Brand new 3 litre Rover in show room zoom out as couple are driven away in a ROVER down busy London street.

End credits: Photography...Bernard Till, Editor...Cliff Boote, Sound...George Newbury, Exec. Producer...Terry Ashwood, Director...Quentin Dobson.
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Queen Elizabeth II's Rover P5B Coupé

Old Top Gear from 1998 Quentin Willson roadtests Queen Elizabeth II's Rover P5B Coupé and plays the Chancellor Of The Exchequer in the process. He covers things to look for in a used P5B and the features of this quaint limosine

BBC Rally Sprint 1983 part 1

Credit for the original cap. goes to angmo. This is BBC's "Rally Sprint" from year 1983. It features a production (Group N I assume) Rover SD1 with a few rally modifications including a 300 HP V8 and an MG METRO 1300 (not the Turbo version). I have extracted the best I could out of the original video file. I am a BIG rally fan so thought everyone should share in the goodness LOL. The F1 drivers are ;- Danny Sullivan, Derek Warwick, John Watson, Nigel Mansell, the Rally Drivers are ;- Jimmy McRae, Pentti Arikkala, Stig Blomqvist, and Tony Pond. I mostly uploaded this as I am a big fan of the looks of the original mini-METRO. However when I sat in a Metro Turbo recently I was shocked to find that the inside and controls and door slamming sound and smell are amost exactly the same as a Morris Minor LOL. Sorry about it being 720p even though it's originally only SD, but Youtube removes far too much picture detail on 480p so I am finding that I need 720p just to get SD levels of picture detail...
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